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A story to tell..


 During my military career I was serving in different units since 1979, namely 2 SDB Zeerust as Squadron commander, Personnel Service School as Unit Commander Finance School Voortrekkerhoogte, and Officer Instructor at Army College since 1982 to 1984. Serve as Senior Staff Officer Intelligence at Sector 10 from 1985 up to 1989 were I joined the Merlyn Group for the closure of the bush war in Namibia during the latter part of 1989. Did Staff course in 1990 and act thereafter as Directing Staff for the Staff course until I resigned during August 1992.


The Point of no Return came in Oshakati on 29 April 1989 when me and my family stood before God and openly declared in church that “Me and my family will serve God” according to Joshua. Something happened that day in my inner man; suddenly there was a desire to serve God with all my heart. During 1990 to 1992 I served under a God Fearing man, brigadier Anton van Graan at the SA Army College. He was my spiritual mentor at that stage. He taught me how to be bold with your faith and trust in God in a very cruel world. The things I saw him do were the things I later applied in my own business.
My business career started in August 1992 when God gave me the opportunity to start my own business, a real “Porra Take-away corner cafe”. There was oneness in our whole family to move back to Otjiwarongo. In November 1998 God once again released us in another greater anointing when we opened Theo’s Spar on 28 Nov 1998. On 20 January 1999 I received a heart bypass in Pretoria Heart hospital due to stress and over-work. During that time the Lord showed me that my work was an idol in my heart, He was not my first love anymore, my family wasn’t a priority anymore, etc, etc. Even through such a dark period in our lives, God provided.


As we grow in the business my son Rehuel and my son-in-law JB Burger joined me in the business. We now own a Superspar in Otjiwarongo and one in Windhoek with a Wimpy and a Water Franchise.


All my children are married with kids. All three of them married in one year – What a financial burden, but a blessing for live! I and Corlia are also blessed with seven grand children which also include twins and all are living in Otjiwarongo. 


We serve the people of Otjiwarongo with a joy in our hearts; we know that we can make a difference just by serving them. What more can I ask?